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Manage your video for distribution on multiple devices and platforms

Getting Started

The Client Center is an online service allowing you to easily manage your mobile video ingestion and delivery. To get started, you need to upload your videos and associated metadata here. Once ingested, they can be made available to multiple video compatible mobile devices. Transcoding, device detection and delivery is performed automatically by MiScreens, giving you the flexibility to launch video rich products to a broad range of devices.

How do I get my videos into MiScreens?

The Client Center allows you to upload video assets straight from your desktop. Sign up for the service to the left, and you will be emailed a username and password which will give you access to a page where you can begin uploading video and associated metadata. [the module for signing up will be to the left]

Supported Video Formats

MiScreens will encode your videos to the required specifications, so it may not be necessary to adapt your content for it, as long as it complies with the Quality, Aspect Ratio, Interlacing and Formats below.

Video Quality

When uploading video to MiScreens, it’s important to provide a reasonable quality video. MiScreens does not upgrade the quality of videos, so be sure you are satisfied with the quality of all videos before you begin uploading them.

Aspect Ratio

MiScreens supports both HD (1280x720) and SD: 800x600 aspect ratio inputs. In fact, it will support[b] any frame aspect ratio, or any pixel aspect ratio (provided it is tagged within the source file) and frame aspect ratio. If your source content is 1280x720, MiScreens will deliver this content in its original aspect ratio for wide screen devices (even if their screen aspect ratio is not quite 1280x720). For devices where 800x600 delivery is more appropriate, MiScreens automatically crops 1280x720 to 800x600. This assumes that your 1280x720 is recorded with the standard 800x600 'safe zone'. If this is not the case, please contact Mobovivo support.


Content sourced from DVD or a source intended for broadcast may be interlaced. If possible, you should submit content in a non-interlaced format to avoid artifacts appearing in during high motion scenes. If you are concerned about this, please contact Mobovivo support.

File Formats and Codecs

You can upload most non-proprietary, non-DRM protected video formats. The following list features common formats that are acceptable.


Container Suffix(es)

Supported Video Codecs[c]

Supported Audio Codecs


mp4, m4v

MPEG-4, H.263

MP3, AAC, MPEG Layer 1




MPEG-2 Layer 3, HE-AAC

Flash Video


H.263 (Sorenson Spark), ON2 VP6

MP3, AAC[d]



Apple ProRes 422, MPEG-4, Cinepak, SMC, MPEG-2 (H.262), H.263, H.264, Intel Indeo

AC-3, Apple Lossless, E-AC-3, FLAC, MP2, MP3, AAC